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Further reading on heart disease

Evidence for sex disparity in the development of atrial fibrillation in Irish Wolfhounds
S Brownlie, R Sykes, M Cobb and S Simpson

Genomic Insights into Cardiomyopathies: A Comparative Cross-Species Review
Siobhan Simpson, Paul Rutland and Catrin Sian Rutland

Impact of cardiorespiratory diseases on morbidity and mortality in Irish wolfhounds
Lovisa Orleifson

Irish wolfhounds with subclinical atrial fibrillation:
progression of disease and causes of death
C Vollmar, A Vollmar, B Keene, P R Fox, S Reese and B Kohn

Multiple Genetic Associations with
Irish Wolfhound Dilated Cardiomyopathy
Siobhan Simpson, Mark D Dunning, Serena Brownlie, Janika Patel, Megan Godden,
Malcolm Cobb, Nigel P Mongan and Catrin S Rutland

Multiple Species Comparison of Cardiac Troponin T and Dystrophin:
Unravelling the DNA behind Dilated Cardiomyopathy
Jennifer England, Siobhan Loughna and Catrin Sian Rutland

Occurrence of cardiorespiratory  diseases and impact on lifespan in Swedish  Irish Wolfhounds:
a retrospective  questionnaire-based study
Lovisa Orleifson, Ingrid Ljungvall, Katja Höglund, Jens Häggström

Pedigree analysis of atrial fibrillation in Irish Wolfhounds
supports a high heritability with a dominant mode of inheritance
Samantha L Fousse, William D Tyrrell, Mariellen E Dentino, Frances L Abrams,
Steven L Rosenthal, and Joshua A Stern

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