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Development of Dentition

Nine week old puppy with normal occlusion (note position of lower canines).

Nine week old puppy with narrow lower jaw (lower canines growing into palate and gum). 

Six month old pup with permanent upper and lower canines still growing and yet to form their finished curved shape. Note that lower canine is in line with gum at this stage. As the teeth continue to grow through the gum, the upper canines curve backwards and lower canines flare outwards.

Six month old pup. Left lower canine correctly placed, right lower canine not visible.

Same pup at eight months. Note right lower canine has flared outwards and is now visible.

Eight month old pup – lower canine now correctly fitting outside the upper gum.

In Irish Wolfhounds, it is not unusual for the mouth to continue altering until 15 months old.

These photos are of the same youngster now 17 months old, 
showing normal occlusion of upper and lower canines and a correct ‘scissor’ bite.

Dentition photos above for reference    

"Are my new puppy's teeth normal?"     

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