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Health Surveys

Please help us by taking part in one of the ongoing surveys 
into various health issues in Irish Wolfhounds that we are conducting or supporting.

All information received will be treated in the strictest confidentiality.

Thank you for your help.

Bloat and GDV gastric dilatation/volvulus
Bone cancer treatment
Canine fertility
Congenital blindness
Dentition study (breeder)
Dentition study (owner)
Liver shunt, epilepsy, progressive retinal atrophy
Pneumonia and respiratory disease (incl nasal disease)
Puppy paralysis (fibrocartilaginous embolus)

Veteran study  (aged 7 yrs + and living)
Veteran study  (aged 7 yrs +, last 20 years)
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Devoted to the health and welfare of Irish Wolfhounds
Patron: Trudie Sumner
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