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Research into Liver Shunt
(University of Utrect)

Research programme
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The Irish Wolfhound Health Group has been approached by Mr Frank van Steenbeek, a PhD research student at the University Of Utrecht, who has received a grant for a genetic study on intrahepatic shunts in Irish Wolfhounds. He needs DNA samples from dogs who are either:

  • affected puppies who have had surgery OR
  • sires or dams who have produced a shunt puppy

The Health Group would like to support him in this project by collecting DNA samples taken via cheek swab from any dogs fitting the criteria here in the UK. Mr Van Steenbeek has confirmed that all contributions are completely confidential and the DNA material and information on the dogs will not be released to any third parties. If you would be willing to contribute a cheek swab from your dog if they fit the criteria please email us to arrange for a swab kit to be sent out to you. Help with taking the swab can be arranged if needed.

If you have experienced liver shunt in a Wolfhound please take part in our health survey. 
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