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IWHG Longevity Recognition
The IWHG Longevity Recognition Registers, are based on an idea from the Irish Wolfhound Club of America.
The Veterans’ Register acknowledges UK registered Irish Wolfhounds of seven years and over, while the Register of Certificate Holders honours our “super-veterans” who have passed away aged eight years or over.

We believe that longevity in our hounds should be celebrated, so we urge you to complete an IWHG Veteran Study questionnaire for all your UK Kennel Club registered hounds (past or present) who reached seven years of age or more.
These redesigned questionnaires now give you the opportunity to indicate whether or not you would like your hound to be added to the Veterans’ Register or if you wish to apply for a longevity certificate.

If you own a hound that is included on the Veteran Register you will be contacted annually for an update just before his/her birthday. If all is well, your hound will receive a birthday card and hounds with super-veteran status (ie aged 8 years or over) will be acknowledged as such on this register.
Don’t forget that super-veteran hounds are entitled to subsidised heart screening

Owners of any hounds who reached eight years before they passed away may apply for a Longevity Certificate, suitable for framing, to commemorate their hound’s long life. The hound's name and dates are then added to the Certificate Holders' Register.

All UK veteran Wolfhounds who departed during the last 20 years are eligible to have their details included on the registers.

Applicants’ hounds can be included on the Longevity Recognition Registers
when their owners have completed an
IWHG VETERAN STUDY questionnaire:
All enquiries here.
Roll of Honour
When submitting your application to be included on the IWHG Longevity Recognition Registers
a photo of your venerable hound to add to our
roll of honour would be very welcome.
Please send your photos here.

Veterans’ Register (7 years and older)
(died at 8 years or more)  

Apply for either register by taking part
in the IWHG Veteran Study.

Devoted to the health and welfare of Irish Wolfhounds
Patron: Trudie Sumner
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